More Than Half Full


Perspective…what is that? It’s more than whether you view life as a pessimist or optimist. It’s more than the glass being half empty/ or half full viewpoint.

We want to give you clues that can help you sort out how you and others operate – think – respond – and react, largely due to the innate qualities of the personality one is born with.

  • Do you know someone who wakes up happy and thinks everyone else should do the same? Are you that bouncing ball?
  • Have you ever met someone who personified Grumpy, one of the seven dwarfs of fairytale fame? Are you that sourpuss?
  • Ever been rolled over by someone so on fire with their own energy they failed to notice anyone else? Are you that steamroller?
  • Have you ever had to push, prod, and pull someone into joining an activity? Are you that couch potato?

Do you watch sitcoms and realize the exaggerated character traits are identical to the very people who circle your life?

Perspective…it colors our outward look, and comes from within.

My two best girlfriends are polar opposites from me. Even down to how we start the day. They both rise super early, purposeful people that they are, to get a start on the day. Not me, I remain in bed until the last possible minute, then jump up and slug caffeine as fast as I can to make up for the time loss. (Yes, born with a decidedly powerful personality, I consider sleeping as time lost from being productive.) I try to pack sleep in, pack coffee in, and pack work in giant size bundles of productivity.

What draws us together? Most people are drawn to those of differing personality traits, because there’s something desirable there we want to add into our lives. I long to add the more considered, ordered, thoughtful approach into my footsteps, and I believe my friends find my energy contagious.

The goal in life is to be the best that we can be. Right? To do that, we learn from one another. We learn to overcome our own weaknesses, and recognize our strengths. If we can learn to, also, to clue into those strengths and weaknesses of others, our communication, sensitivity, and relationships with others will be better.


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