Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen


Photo by eternalgratitude

One place where I see the personalities come out to play strongly is in the kitchen. Ever notice the personality types when gathered around the ol’ butcher block?

The playful cook – is happy everyone has gathered, shares laughs and stories while contributing to the cooking in her haphazard dash-of-this-and-a-slug of that way.

The purposeful cook – just wants everything to turn out perfect and can get quite irritated when playful doesn’t follow the set recipe.

The powerful cook – har-umphs, barks orders, and gets more uptight as the cooking session continues, secretly wishing she was doing everything herself so it would be done right.

The peaceful cook – meanders in and out, laughs at the playful cook’s jokes, sets the table for the purposeful cook, and pops dirty dishes into the dishwasher for the powerful cook. He doesn’t care when they eat, as long as they all survive the process.

How about your family? Your kitchen? Do things get interesting when the different personalities stir things up?


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