Super Bowl People


Super Bowl Day I found myself sitting in a small hotel room with six other people in front of a small flat screen TV. This one television was supposed to be seen by each person whether they sat on one of the two beds, on the sofa bed, or on the blow-up mattress on the floor. Not your ideal viewing situation. But as we watched, I realized our personalities played a part in how we watched this nationally acclaimed football game.

The purposeful (melancholy) one sat, computer in lap, peering at the game over her current project. She was cheering for her favorite team because she had a personal connection with someone on the team and she is a real encourager, especially to those she knows. Not a vocal person, she smiled and nodded every time her team scored. When it got particularly close, she occasionally lifted her hands from the computer long enough to give a celebratory “Yes!”

The powerful (choleric) person was all about winning – “Let’s get this game won!” As the game progresses, he was quick to tell the coach what he should have done or to holler at one of the players, “You should have gone the other way!” Vocal outbursts were always followed by a list of things that would have made the game more favorable to his team.

The playful (sanguine) person just enjoyed the party atmosphere. She loved the commercials and was quick to make the people connection with them. Occasionally asking a question about the logistics of the game, she watched between making sure everyone had popcorn and something to drink. If there seemed to be a disagreement on the field, she was the first to notice. After all, isn’t a skirmish or fight on the field just another type of party?

The peaceful (phlegmatic) person was just that – peaceful. He enjoyed being with everyone but he just wasn’t really “into” the game. He actually had a small DVD player in his lap, content to lose himself in the fantasy world on the screen. If the room erupted in a cheer, he looked up to ask, “What happened?”

How about you? Did you watch the Super Bowl? What kind of spectator are you?


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