Linda Gilden is an award-winning, multi-published writer, experienced speaker, editor, writing coach, and Advanced Certified Personality Trainer. Author of the popular Love Notes series by New Hope Publishers, she is also the author of Mommy Pick-Me-Ups (New Hope) and many ghostwritten books. With over a thousand magazine articles, Linda is a prolific writer who loves to share a great story. She speaks often, is a frequent radio and television guest, and teaches regularly at writers conferences, welcoming every opportunity to help others become better communicators.

As a student of The Personalities for many years, Linda knows that understanding herself is the key to growing a deeper relationship with God and understanding others is the key to building stronger relationships. Linda and her powerful, choleric husband have children of all personalities and four grandchildren who continue to remind them how unique God made each one of us. For more information, please visit  (See below for speaking topics.)

Tama Westman is an award-winning editor and writer, and recipient of the Society of Professional Journalists First Place Mark of Excellence Award. A journalist and columnist with over a thousand published articles, Tama has written the success stories of Fortune 500 CEOs, stepped through history with a Holocaust survivor, fed the homeless under a bridge in Knoxville, and interviewed rivaling gang members in Memphis to gather their turn-around stories and God-moments.

For several summers she taught Creative Writing and Poetry at Metropolitan State University (St. Paul, MN). A sought after speaker and writing coach, Tama is an Advanced Certified Personality Trainer, part of the CLASSEMINARS teaching faculty, and a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. She loves helping others discover the depths of their personality. She and her husband have been married over 30 years; have two children, one son-in-law, and a beautiful granddaughter. For more information, please visit  (See below for speaking topics.)

Book Linda to speak for your event:

Warm – friendly – engaging – enthusiastic – just a few of the words used to describe Linda

Speaking is Linda’s passion and she loves speaking to large or small audiences. Linda is glad to develop a speaking topic based on your specific needs.

Some of Linda’s more requested talks:

Love in a Lunchbox

If you have children, you could be their primary source of encouragement and healthy self-esteem. Maybe you feel your time is limited because of work responsibilities. Maybe you are a single parent. No matter what your daily schedule, you can snatch a few seconds each day to encourage those most precious to you. And you can do it in a lunchbox. Entertaining stories emphasize the importance of encouraging your children (and others around you) whether in a lunchbox, on the bathroom mirror, in their sock drawer, or through other methods. Take home creative ideas for encouraging those you love.

Love Notes Make a Difference

Time spent communicating with those you love is priceless. With simple thoughtful expressions, you can make them feel loved and appreciated any time of day. This talk is packed with clever ideas for creating love notes, plus warm personal stories that bring ideas to life. Written notes, acts of kindness, phone calls, surprise gifts – these are all forms of “love notes” that offer encouragement and pleasure to your spouse, children, and friends. Tips are included for holidays, traveling, ordinary days, and involving others in love noting. Love notes can be the fuel that ignites the fire of romance or the nuggets of encouragement that bring sunshine to an otherwise cloudy day.

It All Goes Back to the Manger

Christmas is such a special time! And it is all because of Jesus. Take a few minutes during this fun time of the year to look into the manger, listen around the manger, live the message of the manger, love because of the manger, and lead others to the manger. Discover tools that will help others to pay more attention to the message of the manger as you prepare to share it more often.

Maintaining a Presence When You Are Not Present

When our children pack up their rooms, load the car and head off to college, it’s easy to breathe a sigh of relief and feel like our parenting job is done. However, our college students need us just as much as ever; we just have to find creative ways to let them know we love them and still want to be a part of their lives. Learn ways to say “I love you” and “I’m thinking about you” even though you may be miles away.

Display His Splendor

Isaiah 61:3 calls us “a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” But what exactly does that mean? And how can we allow God’s splendor to shine through us? Enjoy examples from everyday life of how God’s splendor can be evident. What characteristics of God are others seeing on display in your life?

Evangelism in Your Own Backyard

Often it is hardest to share Jesus with those closest to us. We don’t see our homes and neighborhoods as “mission fields.” But sometimes the field that is ripest with harvest is the one right under our noses. This talk will offer practical examples for praying for your children, friends, and neighbors and looking for ways to bring them to Jesus. Many creative ideas will be shared for drawing those around you closer to Jesus – Name Above All Names.

Fingertip Faith – Spontaneously Reflecting His Light

We are told to always be ready to share our faith with others. But are we ready? This talk will prepare you to have your testimony “at your fingertips.” Learn how to organize your testimony, share your faith, and recognize an “open door” for spreading the Good News. Discuss ways to share Christ with others during ordinary conversation and discover methods to convey your faith through writing. Learn new ways to reflect the light of Jesus to all those around us.

Book Tama to speak for your event:

Tama’s talks entertain and motivate. Her charismatic style and engaging stories have listeners laughing one minute, breathing a sigh the next, as they realize their next steps are do-able.

Tama works with you to develop a presentation that suits your needs. Topic, time, and take-away values are adjusted so your audience is blessed with a memorable event. A born motivator, Tama encourages audiences across the country to “Dream big, it costs the same.”

Some of Tama’s more requested talks:

Personality Perspectives

Certified Personality Trainer Tama Westman and co-author of Personality Perspectives – Clues to Building Better Relationships delights in helping others understand their God-given temperaments and personality traits. Learn to live in your strengths, rather than your weaknesses. Tama’s tales of how she learned to “soften” her approach in life break the ice so everyone can relax and relate. Get a better grip on your own personality and gain a better understanding of others with this fun interactive presentation. (45- to 90-minute presentation, includes audience participation)

Victorious Secrets

It takes more than sexy lingerie to save a marriage. Times are tough. Marriages fall apart. But God is still God. Tama says commitment is a choice. “I do” – a decision you stick to when it’s uncomfortable, when it’s difficult, even when everyone says, “Let him go.” You can choose to grow, choose to love, and choose to try again. Practical advice and personal stories help listeners get their mindset and marriage back on track with God’s plan, making this a popular presentation. (45- to 90-minute presentation with Q & A)

Prune to Grow

We have growing seasons and pruning seasons in our lives. Pruning prepares you for increase; positions you for new growth. Are you ready to discover new potential, talent and growth? Then it’s time to prune to bloom. Tama reminds, “God always prepares you before He places you.” What do you need to cut from your life to be conformed to who God created you to be? Tama relates the actions, attitudes, and aspirations she pruned from her life, and the blessings that resulted, into a powerful, life-changing presentation. (45- to 60-minute presentation)

Treasured Memories

Tama’s easy steps give attendees a grasp on how to share their most precious, treasured memories with others by writing a mini-memoir. Short, personal stories drawn from a single memory, event, or photograph. Tama teaches you how to find the spark of your story and write as if sharing with a friend over a cup of coffee. (45- to 60-minute presentation, audience interaction)

You Can Write!

Launch a writing career with Tama’s practical advice, insider secrets, and tips of the trade. Writing Coach Tama Westman will motivate and move you to action.  Leave with a writer’s tool belt filled with ways and means for you to begin and better your writing career. You can write! (45- to 90-minute presentation, audience interaction)



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