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We’ve gathered a few media resources here for you.

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“Tama, you caught me! I am captivated by your writing,” Vanessa Dusk-Strom, MN.

Media Clips:

  • Witness with Words That Hit Home – CLASS Radio welcomes, Tama Westman to the show! As speakers we have no trouble expressing our faith with those we don’t know or people we have just met. But the safety net of anonymity is removed when we minister to friends and family. The way people process information and their emotional needs differ based on their personality. Reaching those close to home is easier when we communicate in a language they can hear, when we can witness with words that hit home.
  • WeLove Girl Talk – Guests Edna Ellison and Linda Gilden, authors of Mommy Pick Me Ups, a book written with the busy mom in mind and offers brief, lighthearted, and relevant to mom stories.
  • Learn to Talk Teen-eze – Live Powerfully Now Guest Tama Westman, journalist, mentor to teens, and mother of two 20-somethings, shares experiences everyone can relate to. Teens today feel invisible, are we the cause or the solution?
  • Perfecting the Practice of Peace – Getting Good at Life Guest Linda Gilden, author, speaker, and life coach, investigates the origins of peace, how to get it, and how to make it the hallmark of your life.
  • Victorious Secrets – How to Love Your Stressed-Out Spouse – Times are tough. Marriages fall apart. But God is still God. Commitment is a choice. “I do”…it’s a decision you stick with… when it’s uncomfortable, when it’s hard, when it’s hurtful… and especially when the world says let him go. Communicating with Power Guest Tama Westman has been married for 27 years, and has learned through good times, and bad, that love is a decision. “Feelings can be fickle,” she says, “You have to choose what your heart will follow.”


Here’s a book from a couple of gals (as different as night and day), who know how to think (not easy), write (rare), and zero in on the differences of personality which can produce God-like unity to help us understand and live with those around us.

John Van Diest, Associate Publisher, Tyndale

We are forever on a search for ourselves. This insightful work doesn’t attempt to tell you about you. Rather it leads you through ponderings, points, and clues allowing you to discover what makes you tick! When you set it down, you walk away with a clearer perspective of your own personality and that of those around you. Each additional reading reveals more of the wonder of you!

 Nick Della Valle, Breath of CHRIST Ministries

If you’ve ever had the thought, “Why can’t these people be normal – like me?!?” If you want to stop the struggle of trying to connect with the people you love, or the people you are trying to love! If you want to lessen the conflict in your relationships, then dig in to PERSONALity Perspectives. With relatable stories and practical wisdom, Linda and Tama give you the tools to understand others – and yourself – with love and compassion.

 Kathi Lipp, Author and Speaker

PERSONALity Perspectives is a fresh approach that will help you understand yourself and those you live and work with. Linda’s and Tama’s innovative five-step process encourages the reader to engage in meaningful life change by understanding himself and others, deepening relationships, and most importantly deepening his walk with God. I highly recommend this book.

John H. Thurman Jr., Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Contact Information:

  • Linda@personalityperspectivesbook.com
  • Tama@personalityperspectivesbook.com

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