What Others are Saying about PERSONALity Perspectives:

(PERSONALity Perspectives – Clues to Building Better Relationships, released soon by OakTara.)

For over forty years, I have traveled to speak, teach, and write about the temperaments, or personalities. God made each of us different and according to the philosopher, Hypocrites, most of our personalities fall into one of four categories: melancholy (purposeful), choleric (powerful), sanguine (playful), or phlegmatic (peaceful). An understanding of the four temperaments can help us relate better to our spouses, children, family members, co-workers, and friends. Over the years, I’ve seen marriages restored, friendships deepened, and relationships grow.

But what about your relationship to God? Does your personality have anything to do with your relationship with Him?

Linda Gilden and Tama Westman have traveled with me in recent years to teach others about the personalities. Their PERSONALity Perspectives will delight you with stories that speak in a language you can easily take to heart and help you recognize the supernatural presence of God in ordinary, everyday life.

Because your personality influences the way you perceive the message of the Scriptures, like me, you may gravitate to the stories written for your personality and find others a perfect match for family and friends. I pray you learn a little more about yourself, your relationship with others, and your walk with God as you read on.

Florence Littauer
Florence Littauer is the author of over 40 books, including Personality Plus, which has sold over 1.5 million copies and has been translated into 30 languages, founder of CLASSEMINARS, Inc., and a favorite friend of Linda Gilden and Tama Westman.

Studying the personalities under Florence Littauer some years ago transformed my life and all my relationships, so it is with great enthusiasm that I endorse this new book by Tama Westman and Linda Gilden, Personality Perspectives.  If you want to get along better with yourself, with others and grow closer to God, this is the book for you. I promise the information and personal stories will change you and your life. Buy one for yourself and an extra copy for that special person in your life. 

 Karen O-Connor
Lord, It’s Taken Me Years To Get This Old
365 Senior Moments You’d Rather Forget
Harvest House Publishers

This book spoke to me on many different levels! PERSONALity Perspectives reminded me of the importance of seeing things through the eyes of others – every day.  I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me as I pondered my “powerful” personality type and recognized the areas that I need to adjust and it opened my eyes to the see where my strengths do lie. The prayers at the end of each chapter address issues that many of us don’t quite know how to put into words. The simple scenarios increased my understanding of those in my life and reminded me of how important and beautiful it is that God created all of us uniquely as His masterpiece, designed to do the work He purposed for us so long ago (Eph.2:10).

Jill Swanson
Out the Door in 15 Minutes
Simply Beautiful-Inside and Out

Here’s a book from a couple of gals (as different as night and day), who know how to think (not easy), write (rare), and zero in on the differences of personality which can produce God-like unity to help us understand and live with those around us.

John Van Diest
Associate Publisher, Tyndale

Linda Gilden and Tama Westman have combined their skills as certified personality trainers and authors to bring a clever, yet inspiring, devotional filled with true-life stories of the personalities. Each section begins with a Bible verse, followed by a story illustrating how one of the personality types might respond to a particular situation. Then they finish each segment with thoughts, quotes and a prayer. As a certified personality trainer myself, I certainly intend to have one in my library — and intend to give them as gifts as well!

 Golden Keyes Parsons
Compelling fiction For The Bold at Heart

We are forever on a search for ourselves. This insightful work doesn’t attempt to tell you about you. Rather it leads you through ponderings, points  and clues allowing you to discover what makes you tick! When you set it down, you walk away with a clearer perspective of your own personality and that of those around you. Each additional reading reveals more of the wonder of you!

Nick Della Valle
Breath of CHRIST Ministries

If you’ve ever had the thought, “Why can’t these people be normal – like me?!?” If you want to stop the struggle of trying to connect with the people you love, or the people you are trying to love! If you want to lessen the conflict in your relationships, then dig in to PERSONALity Perspectives. With relatable stories and practical wisdom, Linda and Tama give you the tools to understand others – and yourself – with love and compassion.

Kathi Lipp
Author and Speaker

Getting along with those who are different is one of the challenges of life. Through wonderful short stories Personality Perspectives makes it easier to see how God created each of us uniquely, and desires and empowers us to live at peace with everyone, including those who go about life differently than we do. PERSONALity Perspectives may even help you to accept yourself from a new perspective—God’s perspective.

Cheri Cowell
Author, Speaker, and Sidewalk Theologian

PERSONALity Perspectives is a fresh approach that will help you understand yourself and those you live and work with. Linda and Tama’s innovative five-step process encourages the reader to engage in meaningful life change by understanding himself and others, deepening relationships, and most importantly deepening his walk with God. I highly recommend this book.

 John H. Thurman, Jr.
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Speaker and Writer

Each daily devotion is supported by quick personal application steps that help us discover who we are, how we’re wired, and how we can bring God glory through our personalities. A fun, encouraging way to dig into God’s Word!

Vonda Skelton
Speaker and Author  Seeing Through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe

Linda Gilden and Tama Westman have joined forces to bring us a guide showing why we behave the way we do. Why do we perceive and worship God the way we do? This book has the answers.                                                                   

Gloria Penwell
Author Advocate and Coach

Learning about The Personalities saved my marriage and changed my attitude about why other people act the way they do. I’m so happy to recommend PERSONALity Perspectives for those who know or are beginning to know about the differences God built into each of us. Linda and Tama have given us personal insight and practical suggestions to help us get along with almost anyone.

Karen Porter
Writing and Speaking Coach and Author of I’ll Bring the Chocolate and Get Ready!

Oooooooh! You got me! Patience is not my virtue, in fact I have none! It’s all about me, barking out orders: “move, stop, hurry, do it this way, AND be on my schedule: NOW.” After all, my way is the best way. This book opened my mind to the uncomfortable truth, I am a controller. Thanks for the solutions:  great stories, scriptures, and practical ideas. Life’s going to be a lot easier from this moment on. 

Dr. Sandra Herron
Pastor, Professor, and Communication Specialist

God designed you with a purpose and personality to accomplish great things. If you could see how big His plans were you would never feel insecure or afraid again. This book is designed to “connect the dots” so you can move past the frustration of feeling average to move forward into the image of a great God who really loves you. Read it, live it and experience more freedom than you could imagine!

Dwight Bain
Executive Director of the International Christian Coaching Association and a Certified Coach who blogs frequently about creating positive change. Follow his insights on the web at http://www.DwightBain.com or www.Twitter.com/DwightBain.

Using knowledge of the four personalities has the potential to greatly improve all your relationships and interactions. In PERSONALity Perspectives, Tama and Linda have created an easy-to-use guide for identifying personalities in various situations of life, and then offering insight and instruction to make those interactions positive and productive. This book is a must read for everyone who desires to know more about maximizing their personal potential!

Gary and Andrea Chevalier
Senior Trainers for CLASSEMINARS, Inc. Advanced Personality Training Workshop

PERSONALity Perspectives is a fresh approach to the personality types. Every chapter is filled with enlightening examples and practical applications to help every personality type develop stronger relationships with God and with others. I highly recommend!

Mindy Ferguson
Author and Bible Teacher

PERSONALity Perspectives will help readers understand why they, and people they love, act and react the way they do. And it asks readers to evaluate how their natural actions and reactions affect their relationships. If you are at odds with a relative, co-worker, fellow church member, or anybody else, you need this book.

Lee Warren

Learning the basic principles of the personalities will make a major difference in your life, your relationships, your work, and even your play. However, understanding the personality concepts- your strengths and weaknesses – will allow you to apply what you have learned at a new level that is sure to produce rich and rewarding results.

Linda Gilden and Tama Westman have done just that. This book, based on their own personal experiences, shares how you can do it too! As Certified Personality Trainers with years of experience teaching hundreds of men and women how to make their personalities work for them, Linda and Tama are experts at what they teach.

Now they have made it available for you!  Play, Power, Peace and Purpose can all be yours! Use the tools in this book and you will see a difference in your life. Don’t waste a minute start today!

Gerry Wakeland
President, CLASSEMINARS, Inc.


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